The significance of the reed is evident in numerous cultures of the ancient world.

Reeds were and still are used as materials for building shelters, durable containers, and transport vessels such as boats and barges; mats for bedding, bast fiber for textiles, paper, and writing tools.

It is the latter which ultimately brings us together.

The Mesopotamian people preserved their history, religion, culture, and daily lives with a reed stylus and fired clay and it is our goal to ensure that this legacy is not forgotten.

The Four Reeds is a legally registered 501(c)(3) non-profit religious organization primarily dedicated to maintaining the spiritual legacy of the Mesopotamian people.

To highlight this spiritual legacy we have chosen the Sumerian cuneiform symbol known as the diĝir or dingir: 𒀭

This symbol serves as a determinative indicating that the subject it refers to is a deity or has divine connotations.

To us, it also evokes the semblance of four intersecting reeds.

Our goal is to highlight and support academic research, education, publication, event planning, and outreach as it relates to this specific subculture within the pagan and polytheist communities.

Such people and groups include those who identify as Sumerian, Akkadian, Babylonian, Hittite, Ugarit, and Assyrian reconstructionists, pagans, and polytheists, or some combination thereof.

Furthermore, we make it our mission to provide such individuals with a voice, a platform, and to ensure that such individuals and groups have a means of legitimizing their work and spirituality by protecting their interests.